Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Book Club Meeting

Report submitted by Margery Robertiello, book club member:

Our first meeting of the new year (January 8) was a little different.We all read books of our own choosing in which the story was about a meaningful journey. There were interesting choices:
  • One member is reading Moby Dick (Herman Melville). She said she is about 1/3 through and determined to finish! 
  • Another choice was The Last of the Donkey Pilgrims (Kevin O'Hara) about a 1979 trip through Ireland, and another The Old Ways, a Journey on Foot (Robert McFarland). This led to a discussion of walking not only as exercise but as spiritually meaningful. Something has been lost in our present constant use of our cars. 
  • Another choice, Footsteps (Richard Holmes) written by a biographer, follows the author's journey as he traces the footsteps of his subject.
  • North to the Orient (Anne Morrow Lindbergh), another choice, describes the author's journey over the arctic with her aviator husband in 1931 in a 2-seater plane. She writes beautifully, not about the logisistcs of the trip, but about her own reactions, and the contrast between the life in the the isolated outposts they visit and the "Hi tech" capabilities of the airplane.
  • Two other members reported on books they found disappointing. One was The Shadow of the Ark (Anne Provoost). another Snow (Orkan Pamuk).

For our February meeting we will again all be reading the same book! The Greater Journey by David McCullough. New members are very welcome to join our discussion. Please join us on February 5th at 11 AM.